In a long term sight, LifeRun has number of interests including profitable business, Public welfare and charitable. Generally, for an online community of people with common interests with high frequency application, It is not different to create business modes and cases.

  Each time one run at a fun run one get an entry into a raffle awarded by LifeRun Coin. The more runs you come to, the better your odds of winning. Due to this mechanism a big population of LifeRun community will be created, basically there will come with different business cases:

(1) Data analysis services for health organization;

(2) Mobile App Advertisement;

(3) Valued added services for LifeRun user community;

These data services and advertisement and so on will be mostly required to pay by LFR, which makes the LFR be valuable. In another way, some of the gains in business services and donations will be used to purchase the LFR and help the LifeRun system maintain good reputation and influence.

n LifeRun system, since a part of people run via treadmill, the partnership between LifeRun and manufacturers will a profitable. The treadmill manufacturers will purchase for the LFR and associated them with treadmill sale channel. In the same time, LifeRun can make a strong tie with these partners by investment, and more efficacious channels can be formed.

In terms of the LifeRun Coin holder, the above business interests and activities will feedback to the LifeRun system through LFR and LFR flow. Besides to own the honor and potential value, the LifeRun Coin holders will have more kinds of benefits, e.g. free or have priority to take part in the exercise activities hold by LifeRun system, purchase virtual goods of LifeRun system, get discount in purchase in LifeRun partners or obtain free gift from LifeRun partner Chain. And so on.

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