Token Allocation and Sale Information

  TOKEN ALLOCATION AND ISSUE INFORMATION In order to fund and boost the LifeRun plan, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be conducted. The details for the ICO are presented in the table as follow.

The public sale will distribute 35% of the total number of LifeRun Coin tokens. The remaining 65% of total LFR tokens will be distributed as follow:

Runner Users award - 35% - to award the exercise runners who have joined with LifeRun system;

Promotion and Bootstrap - 15% - For channel developers, users, partners who support and speed up the adoption of LifeRun App and Coin; .

Key Contributors - 7% - for the LifeRun system designer and key contributors to the ICO idea development;

LifeRun Foundation - 8% - for public welfare and charity activities which drive people to like physical exercise and bring up with positive lifestyle. The LFC gain from any possible business cases will be put into the LifeRun Foundation and will be used to reward excellence runners or maintain the LFC value.

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