What is LifeRun?

  LifeRun is a system including global wide community of people like healthy physical exercise running and walking. Through the application of Blockchain and IOT (internet of things), LifeRun will make a decentralized recording for people’s physical exercise and healthy activities. Meanwhile, LifeRun Coin provides a long-term award to people who join the LifeRun community and make a wide and firm link between people. Therefore LifeRun is going to be a worldwide community of people has common interests of exercise and healthy lifestyle, and LifeRun Coin (LRC) will be the valuable award providing people with the positive phases and the LifeRun Chain will be a large social community of exercise people and chaining people together, meanwhile, makes the healthy data recording for runners. n will be a large social community of exercise people and chaining people together, meanwhile, makes the healthy data recording for runners.

The Problem and Solution

  The increasing health concerns, such as obesity and awareness of physical appearances among all consumers groups is driving the demand for sports exercise. For the large population of middle class people, sports exercise like running, waking and fitness, are part of their life, more or less. Running exercise and bodybuilding are relatively boring activities. Whether you are exercising in your own house or in a fitness center, it is very difficult and quite challengeable to keep on exercising with self-motivation. Some of the problems that exist currently include the lack of professional counseling and technical guidance. LifeRun aims to solve those problems through LifeRun Coin (Ethereum ERC20 Token) and IOT data collection mechanism mainly through mobile phone App. A certain percentage of LifeRun Coin will be issued to award the people who keep doing a healthy exercise running, which makes people have the common sense of the value of LFC owner, of which the lifestyle is healthy, optimistic and positive. The data of runner is automatically collected through mobile phone apps, since it is a general technology for mobile app to record the running steps and related data. Based on the data of running and exercise, the amount of awarded LFC will be sent to the account of people and certain graphics of healthy index and even rank list can be issued to make the running exercise becomes more motive and more easy to have fun. The other way of data collection and FLC feedback is through treadmill maker and fitness centers, since the Wi-Fi and the communication module integrated in treadmill which can easily self networked and make the treadmill users become social networks, moreover, treadmills may become more interesting, competition able, and awarded.

The User Community of LRC

  The users (nodes) of LifeRun include individuals and organizations mainly like running clubs. The images of this population exampled as running, healthy walker, fitness, middle class people or higher class, optimism, healthy life, etc. LifeRun will be promoted through two channels, which are individual and organization as well.

Physical Exercise Runners

Regular exercise running is associated with substantial health benefits, therefore the population of people like running keeps increasing significantly. In some areas where the economic has developed rapidly like United States and China, runner average age 30 +, belongs to highly educated, high-income people. Typically runners engaged in a higher proportion of the Internet industry or high-tech. Most men runners come from the government, the price of manufacturing, finance and real estate industry, and the female runners come from education and training, health care industry more. More and more people join the runner’s group aim to a healthy lifestyle and this group will be the major awarded user of LifeRun Coin and node of LifeRun Chain. The widely used mobile phone and related Apps make the data of runners can be easily collected and computable.

Treadmill and wearable Device Manufacturers

Normally in city and business area, there is a many number of runner prefer to use a treadmill which is a representative exercise or gait rehabilitation machine for walking while staying in one place. This machine provides a moving platform on which the belt moves to the rear allowing a person to walk with an equal opposite speed. When the treadmill belt moves at a constant speed, walking or running on the treadmill are the same as on the ground. The Wi-Fi and the communication module integrated in treadmill which can be easily self-networked and make the treadmill users become social networks, moreover, exercise become interesting, competition able, and awarded. LifeRun will create a strong partnership with the treadmill manufacturers for LRC distribution through investment and sponsorship. Meanwhile, the wearable device like sports wristbands manufacturers will become our partner as well.

Fitness Centers

Some people like to do exercise in fitness center or healthy club. There is a large number of treadmills, exercise bikes and other sports machines in many fitness centers, all these places could be partners of LifeRun and become the data collection nodes of LRC, also the LifeRun Coin can be distributed via these sports exercise organizations. The fitness centers are developing innovative products and services to cater to wide consumer requirements, LifeRun Coin will be their attractable factors.

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