Globally, for the purposes of healthy life, considerable huge crowds are engaged in daily physical exercises and fitness activities in the form of running, yoga, fitness, healthy diet and so on. Running is the most popular exercise; it’s simple, cheap and widely accepted by all over the world. At the same time, they formed a large number of relevant associations and communities with common interests. There is a fundamental problem in this global community: running exercise and bodybuilding are relatively boring activities. Whether you are exercising in your own house or in a fitness center, it is kind of difficult and quite challenge to keep on exercising with self-motivation. Some of the problems that exist currently include the lack of professional counseling and technical guidance. LifeRun aims to solve these problems with an open and distributed protocol based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It includes several aspects as follows: (1) Rewards health-exercisers by sending LifeRun Coin (LFC) to them; (2) Building an internet-based and IOT-based global community for fitness campaign through LifeRun, as this community is a social circle with fans across cities and borders; (3) Recording personal sports and healthy life, and establishing relevant databases through LifeRun; (4) Expanding services based on the global social circle. In the general trend of global economic development, sports and health will be the theme of increasing concern in the coming decades. The development of the Internet of Things and Blockchain technology will make it possible for LifeRun to form a decentralized social circle. LifeRun will build a global network for fitness campaigns through R&D support, investment and charitable activities in respect to sports communities and health technology projects, as well as the operation of the LifeRun Foundation, to gradually expand more applications. It is expected to reach over 200 million users within three years, so as to drive and maintain the value of the LifeRun platform and keep its growth steadily. Predictably LifeRun coin and LifeRun system will help people to have a healthy lifestyle through running and exercise.

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