The Mission OF LifeRun

      In the coming years, the world economy is expected to be constantly increased. People will pay much more attention to healthy lifestyle. Running related work out will be the majority of physical exercise therefore it is expectable the population of physical running will cover 20% percentage of the world. After five years, supporting by the LifeRun Coin flow, people joined LifeRun will become a huge community which combine the social media and health life club. LifeRun Coin will be widely acceptable in the middle class people and the ownership of LFR will be a remarkable symbol. Associated with the feedback from partners like sport Apps, treadmill manufacturer and fitness center, LifeRun platform and related foundations will play significant roles in people health lifestyle of the world, e.g. the research institute, data analysis and scandalize, support the people from developing countries with a healthy way.

LifeRun’s mission is to help people around the world buy a healthy lifestyle, use blockchain technology to drive and encourage people to achieve a better life through running sports, shaping a healthy body in physical exercise, a positive attitude to life and a good social relationship , a harmonious social environment, just like the LifeRun slogan - Run for Better Life.

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