Based the Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud computing, LifeRun system fulfill a world-wide chain among the exercise people. Basically, the LifeRun will issue the mobile App as well as some third-party sports Apps with LifeRun imbedded, all these mobile phone App users will be awarded by LifeRun Coin if they fulfill certain exercise requirement e.g. the number of steps. Most of the Apps are downloaded and runs in cellular phone and part of them may be installed in different wearable devices.

      The illustration as follow shows the data flow of LifeRun associated with the award coin flow. The LifeRun Chain runs on the IOT based technology platform and cloud computing as well.

LifeRun App: is an application designed for athletes who can record, analyze and improve their performances of running and exercise. it fits both outdoor workouts with memorizing your GPS track, indoor and home workouts. It’s runner’s entire physical activity that one can track and analyze. This App help people to share the data of sports workouts and let oneself be guided, analyzed and awarded. The similar mechanism of LifeRun App will be collaborated with the fitness center system or their applications.

Treadmill networks: By collaborating with the treadmill manufacturers, LifeRun Coin can be issued when the treadmill be sold and more award will be issued to the users when the treadmill be networked and is often used. The LifeRun Chain: In a point of view technically, LifeRun Chain is a cloud computing mechanism of LifeRun Coin award system. In the beginning year,

this chain is artificially defined to issue LFC to any runner access LifeRun system and share their exercise data. From the second or third year the LifeRun App user will gain the LFC by doing certain running exercises and becoming certain percentage rank of their city, meanwhile, this may bring up the Social network properties to LifeRun Chain. Therefore, the other side of LifeRun Chain is a global community of healthy runners. The smart contract of the awarding of LifeRun Coin will be carried on and correlated to the activity in LifeRun Chain through Chain Link. The Chain link will make connection between the external data the Ethereum smart contracts need to act on the runners exercise with internal systems or any other public or private chain networks, and that makes the coin distribution be smart and attractable.

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